Design Heuristics

Design Heuristics are “cognitive shortcuts” that help designers explore variations in designs. They were developed through protocol studies with expert industrial designers and engineers, and through analyses of innovative product designs. Additional studies verified their use by advanced student and expert engineers. The resulting 77 distinct Design Heuristics are now packaged as easy-to-use prompts that guide the generation of new concepts. 

Each Design Heuristic can be used to initiate new concepts or transform existing ones in multiple ways. They provide specific methods that can be applied to any product design problem to produce multiple, diverse, and creative concepts. In empirical studies, Design Heuristics have been successfully tested in engineering and design classrooms, and have been readily adopted by students in creating more, more diverse, and more creative concepts.

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Kirton Adaption-Innovation Theory

The management of change & diversity is a key issue at the top of the ‘most challenging’ list for many people today. To be successful you need to define and use diversity to your advantage; but this can only be done with knowledge and skill. 

The Adaption-Innovation Theory and its associated psychometric instrument (KAI) will provide you with insight into how people solve problems and interact whilst decision-making.

The KAI instrument is a form containing 32 questions. It is supplied with an extensive Feedback Booklet.

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